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Description: Modeled Developed Using Latest Technology Software

Hydraulic Modeling Projects

Client: Town of Westerly

Water Distribution System Hydraulic Modeling Projects

Location: Westerly, Rhode Island


• Update original 1996 model to WaterCAD Version 6.5 and subsequently to Version 8.0
• System serves 13,000 customers in Rhode Island and Connecticut
• System consists of 190 miles of water mains, 6 storage facilities, 11 groundwater supply sources and 7 pumping stations
• Model used to conduct critical system analysis to determine needed system improvements
• Town adopts fire flow ordinance stating C&E must model all new development for suitability with water system operations
• C&E has conducted over 50 modeling evaluations of proposed development projects
• C&E holds model in custodial arrangement.
• Model utilized to optimize system operations.