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C&E Engineering is a specialized civil / environmental engineering firm serving the southern New England area in the fields of waterworks engineering, wastewater management and solid and hazardous waste management.

Each of the Firm's principals have more than 25 years of experience with cost-effective planning and instituting innovative design solutions - from project conception through post-construction services.

We set ourselves apart from our competition in several ways.

First, each project is assigned to a principal of the firm that serves as project manager that has full decision-making authority, so that projects are progressed in a timely fashion. We avoid the need to defer to a complex corporate structure whose priorities regarding the firm's resources may not be in the best interest of the specific clients that we serve. Such moves are all too common in our industry.

Additionally, C&E Engineering prides itself on taking a solution-orientated approach to all of our projects. Problems can arise and things can go wrong during the lifetime of a project – it’s the nature of the business. But C&E Engineering never shrinks from our responsibilities or defers blame but rather concentrates on putting the project back on track to a successful completion. We simply step up, solve the problem and endeavor to protect our client’s interests at all costs.

Through constant in-house training and our policies for continuing education, C&E engineering personnel have remained current with all of the latest emerging engineering technologies including computerized hydraulic modeling and water and wastewater system analysis.