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C&E Engineering follows standard engineering processes and methodologies and fully complies with best industry standards and practices as would be expected of any Civil and Environmental Engineering firm. We have also built a solid reputation for ourselves by enhancing our approach to project execution and management to ensure that all of our client’s needs are fully addressed. This approach starts with understanding the level of services required to successfully meet the goals of the project. From smaller clients to those providing municipal infrastructure to multiple communities, the level of services required to complete a project will depend upon several factors including available in-house resources and technical expertise of our clients. Through the development of a specifically tailored project approach based upon the client's needs, the most cost efficient engineering solution can be offered.

First and foremost, we differentiate ourselves from most of our engineering competition by appointing a decision-maker as the Project Lead on any given project. When things go wrong or tough decisions need to be made, C&E Engineering prides itself on stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for not only the problem, but also the solution. We're here to make our clients' jobs easier, not harder and to provide real solutions. And this starts with making sure our Project Manager can make decisions on the spot and not defer decisions to a corporate office.

Additionally, we have worked diligently to keep our primary focus on our specific niche: waterworks and wastewater projects. It's tempting (and easy) to grow a firm with abandon, chasing any and all revenue-generating opportunities. But that sort of reckless growth carries a very heavy price tag: exponentially increased overhead costs, delays from ladling on the requisite layers of added middle management, staffing meetings, and the like. Not to mention the loss of core focus and efficiencies from trying to serve a myriad of masters. If you have a waterworks related problem, you don't particularly care if you select an engineer that also has expertise in traffic engineering but rather you want the best waterworks engineers available. C&E has worked diligently to keep our focus on waterworks and wastewater-related projects so that we're efficient, cost-effective, and as sharp as possible.

We believe our approach to our work and our business is the reason behind our staff's 25+ years of success in providing engineering services to some of the largest and most complex municipal infrastructure projects in the State of Rhode Island.